Dramatically accelerating seafloor mapping
through research and development by
hyper-interdisciplinary teams

Of the seafloor has been mapped


Making mapping of uncharted waters a reality.

In the seafloor lies expansive regions that have been unexplored, and with only around 100m resolution, humanity has only touched around less than 19% of the total area

With the creation of a detailed seabed map, we may be able to see findings that may be useful for many applications, such as tsunami occurrence, movement of marine resources, weather prediction, seafloor earthquakes, underwater resources such as minerals and organic matter, or for the construction of underwater pipelines and cables.

The Development of Seafloor Exploration Technology (DeSET) Project started in 2017 to support the development of new technologies that dramatically accelerate the creation of seafloor topographic maps. Venture companies, researchers, local factories, and other hyper-interdisciplinary teams from all over Japan have been formed to make technologies that are attracting worldwide attention.

In July 2020, all existing teams were reorganized as DeSET2020, and the challenge of embodying its contribution to the world in the form of technological innovation has begun.


  • 2021/03/23 DeSET holds its mid-term reporting session for 2021

    On Friday, March 12, 2021, we held the mid-term reporting presentation session of the seabed exploration technology development project “DeSET&#…

  • 2020/12/08 The results of the seafloor exploration technology development project DeSET have been published-Possibilities of creating seafloor topographic maps using benthic organisms, electric rays-

    Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Jyo Inoue, hereinafter “Leave a Nest”) has been a joint venture …

  • 2020/11/05 TEAM02 member Mr. Kenji Minami of Shimane University made a presentation at Masuda Forum 2020, a super-interdisciplinary society.

    Mr. Kenji Minami of Shimane University, a member of TEAM02 in 2021, will present his research results at the Masuda Forum 2020, a super-interdisciplin…

TEAMSParticipating institutions / members

  • AquaFusion Inc.
  • Ecomott Inc.
  • Environment Simulation Inc.
  • Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan
  • Arc Geo Support Co., Ltd,
  • Blue Ocean Institute Inc.
  • Lighthouse Inc.
  • JapanDrones Inc.
  • Magna Design Net Inc.
  • Oki Seatech Co., Ltd.
  • Choemon GK
  • Masaaki Iiyama (Kyoto University)
  • Kenji Minami (Shimane University)
  • Taisaku Suzuki (National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College)
  • Tomohisa “Fire” Wada (University of the Ryukyus)